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      2. Products

        Company dedicated to overloading connectors for electrical connections provide overall solutions and products. The company has rich technical experience and good capability of matching, has become a large domestic enterprises outstanding supplier.

        Product Categories
        H3A-MAD/M (with male core)

        larger version

        H3A-MAD/M (with male core)

        Type:shell-H3A housing (IP65)

        Model:H3A-MAD/M (with male core)


        Part:Lower housing

        Introduction:3A metal casing; common structure; open hole installation; single buckle; with metal cover; with male core

        Download:  H3A-MAD/M (with male core)

        Material Cast zinc
        Colour gray
        Interlocking element
        ---Interlocking method Metal elastic pressing
        ---material (iron) galvanized / stainless steel

        Sealing element

        Applicable temperature range -40℃...+125℃
        Flammability rating V0
        Protection level IP65